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"Live Simply so Others May Simply Live."

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Help provide a Christmas these kids will never forget. With your help last year, we provided the 24 Hope of Life Uganda kids with bunk beds, mattresses, and sheets. Hearing the cheers of happiness and the expressions of gratitude from the kids last Christmas brought so much joy to me. It truly is what Christmas is all about! This Christmas we want to provide the kids with their very own blankets (it gets chilly at night in Uganda), new school uniforms, and a special Christmas feast. We need your help to provide for these special kids again this Christmas! We are hoping to raise $1,000 to provide the kids with a Christmas to remember. We can’t do it without your help. Help us bring Christmas joy to the Hope of Life kids this year.

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Why do I have such a hard time with letting go and trusting that God will provide? I know this is a problem that many struggle with but I find myself time and time again panicking about how we are going to continue caring for the kids and every time God saves the day. Every time when I feel like we are barely holding it together and about to fall apart at any moment, God saves the day just like He did today with our school fees situation. It would be a whole lot easier on my heart, emotions, and stomach if I just began to trust that God is always in control and that these kids that he has called us to care for are HIS kids first and foremost and He WILL provide for them in His timing. Metaphorically speaking, God keeps showing up in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded and knocks it out of the ballpark every time. Reminds me of a song we sang in South Africa back in 2007…Be still and know that I am God. I need to work more on the being patient and still part and less on the stress and cause stomach ulcers because of stress part. I’m definitely still a work in progress. God sure isn’t finished with me yet!

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Makeshift Mother

I have really been fighting an up hill battle for quite a while now. David, Zech, and I became the caretakers for 24 beautiful Ugandan children over a year ago now. My life forever changed the second we made the decision to provide for the kids like they were our own. I had to put aside any selfishness, uncertainty, fear, and plans that I had made to follow God’s plan. We signed on the dotted line and in that defining moment, David, Zech, and I became the guardians of 24 beautiful children.

It has taken time to embrace my role as makeshift mom, sole provider, and confidant, but over the past year I have learned what being a family truly means. I, myself, have been so blessed to grow up in a loving family where I never for one second doubted how much I was loved, never wondered if I would be cared for, and always knew that I would have my family there loving and supporting me. My Ugandan kids were not blessed with the childhood I was. Abandonment, poverty, war, and illness tore our 24 kids away from their families at very young ages and left them abandoned, alone, and looking for a soft place to land. I thank God that we have had the opportunity to opens our arms, hearts, and pocketbooks to embrace our 24 beloved children and to help them learn what it feels like to have a place to call home.

Sure, our family looks a little different than the “typical”. An American woman, two Ugandan men, and many Ugandan children (none of whom are biological siblings), but our family is so beautiful because love is at the center of it. We have learned how to be open, loving, kind, compassionate, and caring to one another. We have learned what it means to love beyond the boundaries. We are continuing to learn every day what it means to love like Jesus does. We are continuing to learn how to deal with the struggles of daily life with a very large family (lots of mouths to feed, kids to educate, clothe, and house) and very little income, but we know that God will provide for us so we manage the best we can.

Thinking back over this past year full of struggles, tears, and difficulty, I know that if given the chance, I would do it all over again. You have to embrace what God gives you in life. Grab life by the reins and hold on for the adventure that God has planned for your life. No says that life will always be easy, only that it will be worth it.

I find myself worrying like a mom these days. Worrying that our asthmatic child, Yasin (9), will overdo it playing soccer. Worrying that our two oldest girls, Eve (17) and Sarah (18), will lose focus in school (where they excel), and become overly interested in boys and having babies (which so many young Ugandan girls do at a young age) instead of their futures as a nurse (Eve) and bank manager (Sarah). Worrying that there is never enough to financially get ahead. Worrying that our dream of building a home for our kids will never come true. Worrying that the kids won’t have the best of everything, which is what they deserve. I definitely worry like a mom these days but I am so blessed to have the kids in my life and to be a part of the Hope of Life family.

Life is so hard sometimes but you always have to remember that God has a bigger and better plan for you that you can’t even see. Just keep fighting, moving past the roadblocks, and trusting that someday all of this struggle will make sense in the end.

Today, I am worried because we have a huge roadblock standing in our way. The kids have started school again and we need $500 more dollars to keep them in school. David and I have financially contributed all we can at this point so know we are doing what we know to do…pray and trust that God will provide like He always does. The kids will be kicked out of school at the end of this week if we can not come up with the money to pay their fees. If you feel like you could help us provide education for our family of 24 kids this school term, please go to No donation is too small.

Remember, God does not call those with everything in place in their lives (believe me, nothing in my life is stable aside from my faith) to help serve their fellow brothers and sisters, God calls all who are willing to do what they can to make life a little easier for someone else. Live Simply so that Others May Simply Live! (One of my life mantras)

Please listen to the plea of this makeshift mother in need and answer my prayer. I do not want to disappoint the kids who I love and who are counting on me. I could not be serving the kids in this capacity without your help. Once again, Help us show the kids that they are loved and deserve the very best in life. This is the cry of my heart today and always.

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Check out the link above for our newest Hope of Life newsletter where I took some time to reflect back on all that we have overcome in the past year since we started Hope of Life. A long way left to go but so much better off than we were before. Want more info? Check out our website,

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Times of transition and change never seem to get easier for me, no matter how old I become. Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to change, but I must admit I love having a routine. I know it seems crazy that I actually crave a routine and normal life at times but I truly do. Nothing about my life over the past nearly two years has been “normal” or “routine” and although I wouldn’t change my life for anything, I have reached a point in life where I want to settle down and try to stabilize the life I have.

Everyone wants security, stability, and the sense of belonging. I dream of the days when life will be “simple”. The days when I can come home from work, eat supper, relax, kiss my husband good night, and fall asleep without a worry in the world. Sometimes I wonder if those days will ever come. The days when I won’t have to worry about how we are going to feed the 24 Hope of Life kids and keep them in school because there will be enough. The days when I won’t spend my evenings planning how we will raise funds and awareness for the organization and the kids’ needs. The days when we will look back on these times and smile because we know that these are the times and experiences that have stretched us, molded us, and changed us into the people that God is calling us to be.

So, bring on this new chapter in our life because as much as I dislike transitions, I know that God has me “under construction” and there is no better place to be then in His hands.

I am once again asking for your help as we need to start collecting money for the next school term for the kids. Our financial situation is very unstable due to all this transition and we really need your help in providing for the kids’ food and rent for this month. Please consider donating at